Monday, July 5, 2010

1,001 Things I Did This Summer -- Part 4

Week 4's installment of 1,001 Things I Did This Summer brings you a variety of activities.  As I look at the numbers, where I am at on my list, I am beginning to realize that accomplishing 1,001 things was a bit ambitious on my part.  I think I’ll be lucky to break 400 things this summer.  I suppose I never factored in work, laundry, and other chores.  Plus, being a creature of habit, I am finding I am doing many of the things more than once or twice.  It really wouldn’t be fair to list them more than once – it would be a bit like cheating.  I really don’t want to be labeled as, “Once a cheater, always a cheater!

Let us carry on with our head held high, unashamed of never reaching 1,001 things by September 5th  . . .


93.  Laughed as my friend’s son exclaimed with delight, “Daddy, he’s bringing out the nitro!!!”  Please note, the excitement was because my hubby was going to run his RC car which is fueled by a nitrogen gas, or something like that – I’m not sure.  When he talks about it, all I hear is the voice of Charlie Brown’s teacher.
94.  Read a book out loud with my daughter.
95.  Had a family Wii night.  We played Wii Resort Sports.
96.  Started counting down the hours before my two-week summer holiday begins (18 hrs, 27 mins . . .).
97.  I tried something new today.  Dulce – dried seaweed from New Brunswick.  I really can’t say I enjoyed the salty-fishy experience.  As I was chewing and chewing and chewing (I soon realized with some dismay that as the saliva adds moisture to the dried seaweed, it really takes a long time to break down in your mouth) my co-worker exclaimed, “The kids just can’t get enough of this stuff!”  I simply asked him . . . “Why!?” Thanks T for the maritime experience of a lifetime (note: dripping sarcasm is implied)!
98.  We went to town and I caressed (for the billionth time) the Macintosh computer I have been coveting sooooooooo much.  They may have to take out a restraining order.  I’m not sure – it’s too soon to know.
99.   Stayed up until 1 a.m. reading – I haven’t done that for ages.
100.  Got up two-hours before my family and read some more of my book.
101.  Started a new layout in my art journal.
102.  I discussed with hubby the best way to refinish my spinning wheel so I can actually use it!
103.  Swam with the family in our pool for almost three hours.  My pale skin is actually beginning to show a hint of a tan!!!
104.  Happy Canada Day!  We are 143 years young.  We didn’t take part in fireworks this year as it was cancelled due to rain.
105.  I had a late afternoon shower.  This is somewhat new for me.  Being as I like to follow routine which dictates one must shower in the morning, it was rather liberating . . . a must-do-again on my list.
106.  Put on a “woody” perfume (the Natural from the Gap).  I think I’ve fallen in love with myself all over again . . . .
107.  Took a movie over to the church (so glad hubby is the pastor) and we watched Over The Hedge in air-conditioned goodliness.
108.  As one who prefers a more natural palette for my make-up, I tried my new lipstain (Colour Sensational by Maybelline).  The colour . . . #05 In the Buff – you gotta love that!
109.  Found three baby robins in the grass (will post pics this week).  We’re not sure if they fell out of the nest – we couldn’t find one in the trees.  But, mama kept bringing them worms – we’ll check on them in the morning.  I hope they’re okay since we’ve had hail and heavy rain tonight.
110.  Played Monopoly (The Simpsons version).
111.  Re-lovin’ the commercial with the gorilla playing drums to Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight”.
112.  Saw Twilight Saga’s Eclipse – best of the three so far.
113.  Another glorious day of swimming, suntanning, and reading.
114.  Tornado watch – how is one supposed to “WATCH” for them when it is pitch black outside???
115.  Spent most of my morning re-organizing my web bookmarks.  Didn’t I do that just before I had to change all my e-mail?
116.  Attended a 50th wedding anniversary.  The story of how they met was so romantic.  I was literally in tears by the end of it all.  Amazing in a time when divorce is such an easily accepted practice.  What happened to “until death parts us”?  I am so blessed to be married to such an amazing man for 18 ½ years.  Only 31 ½ years to go until our golden anniversary!!!!!!!  Love you, A.
117.  Mixed and mingled at the aforementioned anniversary offering sparkling conversation and hugs all around – so unlike me who would rather become a hermit crab most days.
118.  Most hilarious part of my day – my daughter turning to my husband and saying, “Would you please be quiet?  I can’t hear myself think!”  Classic – I think she’s heard that one before.
119.  I started reading Julie & Julia by Julie Powell.  I really enjoyed the movie.  Everything Nora Ephron does just sparkles in my humble opinion.
120.  Bought a copy of Oprah magazine.  It’s my first copy of O magazine (July 2010 issue).  The only reason I bought it is because it has a suggested list of 26 books to read.  My hubby is not the biggest Oprah fan in the world, so it left me feeling like a bit like teenage boy in the 1950's sneaking in a copy of his first Playboy magazine and hiding it under the mattress.
121.  Played baseball with my family.
122.  Watched in amazement as our dog Sam chased down a gopher, caught it, tossed it in the air and snapped it’s neck (killing it), then laid it down gently when hubby yelled “Drop”.  Sam turned and looked at me with a look on his face that seemed to say, “Mommy!  Did you see that!?”  It all took place in less than one minute.
123.  I started knitting a drop-stitch wrap to go with my outfit for my cousin’s wedding in September.  It’s made with Noro sock yarn.  If you are on Ravelry, you can find the free pattern here.

Well, that’s it folks.  I’ll be trying to update my blog on a somewhat daily basis this week.  I hope you all have a great day and I’ll see you again soon.

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