Saturday, July 10, 2010

saturday a.m.

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I love tea.  There is just something amazing about tea that makes everything okay.  It can be enjoyed alone or in the company of others.  You can drink it hot or chilled, with or without milk, sweetened or plain.

This morning, when I awoke, it was rather dismal outside.  The dark skies threatened rain, so as the rest of the household slept, I snuck out to the kitchen and boiled a kettle of water.  I slipped on a pair of socks (hand-knit of course) and a sweater and went to the tea cupboard.  I opened up my newest purchase from David’s Tea . . . The Earl’s Garden.  The thing I really like about David’s Tea is that you can order online (which is great when you live in a smaller community).

Now, just listen to the description of this, my newest favourite tea: The Earl’s Garden – When he wasn’t in China discovering secret tea recipes, Britain’s second Earl Grey lived at Howick Hall in England, just like his ancestors had done since 1319.  And also like his ancestors, he was a keen gardener and outdoorsman.  This tea would no doubt have suited him, with the characteristic black tea and bergamot highlighted by strawberries, raspberries and essence o black currant.


So, with a steaming hot cup of tea I then moved to the living room, snuggled up onto the couch, wrapping my hands around the mug of tea, and just sat and listened to the birds singing outside.  Aside from their morning song, there was absolutely no other noise.  Peaceful.  Tranquil.  Perfect.

With warmed hands, I then picked up my knitting and worked on my project.  There is nothing more delicious than knitting with a cup of tea on an early Saturday morning!  It is the ultimate in relaxation.  I don’t need no stinkin’ spa to be calm (although I wouldn’t turn my nose up at it either!).

After a couple of refills (okay, four . . .) I took my mug over to the computer to check several blogs I follow.  I then ventured over to David’s Tea and marveled at their serving suggestions (many of which I have tried).  I came across a familiar one, mixed it up, and came to write at the computer.

As I write to you, the birds are still singing, but now there are also sounds of traffic, children playing, construction of houses in the area, and the occasional train.  And you know what?  The sun also came out (even if it was brief).


What a scrumptious Saturday morning!

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