Friday, July 23, 2010

I Am A Reality-Show Addict

“They include watery eyes, runny nose, yawning, loss of appetite, tremors, panic, chills, sweating, nausea, muscle cramps, and insomnia. Blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and temperature all elevate.” (Information found at

Now, I don’t mean to negate the true effects of a person suffering from heroin withdrawal, but I have recently experienced several of these symptoms within a split second.  No, I do not do drugs, and I am not an alcoholic.

I am a reality-show junkie.

As many of you are aware, my family made the decision to cut off our satellite service for the summer months in order to use our free-time for good and not evil.  So far we have accomplished so much and tried new things that would have otherwise been avoided because we were always attached to the boob tube.

The other night, I was working at the group home and one of the participants wanted to watch a particular show.  So I grabbed the remote and started cruising through the channels.

As I breezed past channel 23 the oh-so-familiar theme song hit me.  It was like a sailor hearing the song of a siren, enticing me toward the rocky shoreline.  I kept surfing through the channels, but the seed was sown.  My heart began to race, my palms got all sweaty, and I felt my temperature rising.

It was the theme song for Big Brother.  As I write that last statement,  I feel slight shame that I, an educated woman, would like a racy reality-show like BB.  I could tell you that I only watch it because I find the social dynamics of people trapped in the same house interesting and intriguing (which I do).  I could tell you that I watch it because I always cheer for the underdog (which I generally do).  I could even tell you I watch it because I want to see dysfunctional people work out their issues (which I do).

But the reality is this.  It is one of my favourite summertime indulgences.  I like the cat fights.  I want to see if I can figure out which one is the saint and which is the sinner.  But what I really want to see is which couple will heat up the screen with a summer showmance.

Petty.  I know.  Adolescent.  Absolutely. 

It’s my vice . . .

Hi.  My name is Becky . . . and I’m addicted to reality TV.

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  1. Ha Ha! That is funny you should post that on 1001 things!