Saturday, July 24, 2010

True Blue

True Blue, originally uploaded by Knit Girl...(in & out).
There is something amazing about water. I love being near it -- it calms me. I think that's why this canoe caught my eye. The colour of it just popped out at me against the brown of the dock.

This week, my job went from part-time to full-time. Which lends itself to crazy work hours and reduced "me" time. It has forced me to re-organize my life and how I must spend the hours I do have free to its fullest.

I find when I am stressed, water relaxes me. The colour, the movement . . .and sometimes, the stillness. It leaves me feeling peaceful and rested. Like this image does. I'm so glad this canoe caught my eye. The boat seems to invite you in. To float on the water. To just drift and let the water carry you.

We have had a lot of flooding this summer in the area where I live. Many farmers were not able to plant crops. Homes and vehicles were ruined. Water is a very powerful force which has the ability to even carve paths through stone over time. We live in a country where we can just turn on the tap and pour a glass to refresh us. Even though there has been such devestation, there are many blessings.

Water is amazing.

"In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters." (Genesis 1:1-2)


  1. wonderful reflections (excuse the pun) on the healing effect of water! have a wonderful weekend, Becky

  2. Hi babe! Just figured out how to put you and M on my iPad blogshelf. Just couldn't help but thing about the waters of your baptism when I read your post. Blessed waters they truly are...
    Love A.