Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nepalese Bicycle

"If you find that thing you love, it doesn't necessarily matter whether you do it well or not -- you just need to do it."
-- Stanley Tucci

I think it is safe to say I love writing.  And I love photography.  I once wrote on my Flickr profile, “Photography is my passion.  I don't just take pictures because I want to -- no, I take pictures because I need to.  If not, the creative side of me remains stifled and I feel as though I cannot breathe.”

I can't imagine my life without writing or capturing images.  They are snippets of life in a way only I have seen it.  Take for example the image of the bike.  I captured this image while on vacation in Walt Disney World at Animal Kingdom.

After taking in an African safari, the three of us meandered into the Asian section of the park along the main path together.  I would occasionally fall behind, only because something small and unique had caught my eye.  I tried my best to quickly capture the precious image with my camera.   I would then need to hurry along before losing my family in the multitude of people.

You may have also seen this same red bike during your walk.  It was propped up along a black wrought-iron fence.  The one on the right-hand side of the path as we walked toward Mt. Everest.  A green vine delicately snaked it's way through the fence reaching out to the bike.  You didn't see it?   That's okay.   Neither did most people.

But, you see, I did notice it.   It wasn't the rusted chain or the chipped paint on the bike (although those things usually catch my eye too).   In fact, it was the tassles on the fruit-filled basket that caught my eye. But they are so tiny, you think to yourself.  How would you ever notice something so small?  I don't know.  Maybe because they were so seemingly insignificant to the crowd mulling about me.   I wanted to point it out, but knew if I did, it wouldn't be fully appreciated.  So I kept the precious find to myself.
It is those tiny details in life that I treasure and cling to.  Maybe a few others that day did notice those small tassels.  Maybe even one or two people captured a similar image to take home on their camera.  But to me, I needed to capture that very tiny detail.  A little something that filled my heart with joy.   It was like stumbling upon a fantastic secret only shared by two friends.   You know, the kind you pinkie-swear you will never share with anyone else?

I love the above quote by Stanley Tucci.  It comes from a man who understands the need to emerse himself fully into something creative.  People who don't have a creative bone in their body may tell you what you're doing is a waste of time or that you'll never make any money doing it.  Some may even say you are spending too much time doing something so senseless or that you are not spending enough time with your family.  It will probably cut your heart in two. In fact, it may leave you feeling defeated and worthless.  You may even entertain the thought of giving up completely, because really, what's the point?

The point is creative people need to be creative.   That's all.   You may never become a famous painter.   You might never sign a book deal that will gain you global recognition.  But you still need to be creative.   You still need to pick up your pen or paintbrush and take a few strokes.  You understand the rush of exhiliaration that comes in that moment when you hold your breath and gently press the shutter button.    It allows you to briefly escape “real life”.   You cannot suppress it.  It is your life-source and that which helps you to breathe.   It's what calms you.   It is what makes you want to get up in the morning and what you look forward to the next day.   It's who you are.
Look again at the tassels on the basket.   Here's my pinkie finger.  Let's swear to always keep this tiny lovely gem to ourselves forever and ever.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

let the fairy tale begin . . .

We leave for our trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando tomorrow morning. I'm hoping to come back with some lovely pictures from our trip. We will be gone for 10 days . . . I think I've packed everything. But if I've missed something, there's always credit :D Have a wonderful two weeks everyone. I will be in touch again at the end of the month.