Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We Have Fleas!

Or more specifically, Ctenocephalides canis -- dog fleas.

Our dog, Sam, has blessed us with a lovely infestation of fleas.  I saw a couple crawling on him this morning and so I promptly went to the vet who gave me a topical treatment for Sam and a spray to use on his dog bed, his kennel area, and our furniture.  The good news is we pretty much confine him to the living room/kitchen area and he spends much of his day outside.  The bad news is that fleas can jump around and lay eggs.

So disgusting!  If anyone has some home remedies for ridding the house of fleas, please let me know.  I've been searching online and have found some useful information.  

So today I will be so happy as I have to wash even more laundry!

Grrrrrrrr ........ what a great finish to my holidays -- housework and laundry to the max.  So not happy right now.

P.S.  not sure why Blogger is inserting so many spaces between paragraphs...

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