Monday, June 28, 2010

1,001 Things I Did This Summer -- Part 3

Good morning my lovely readers,

Behold I bring you the third installment of my 1,001 list.  Please note, I do realize there is no possible way I will reach 1,001 things by the first weekend in September.  However, I do intend to see how far I can get.  I must admit it was a very busy week preparing for my daughter's birthday and having our good friends arrive from Ontario for a few days.  So the upkeep of the list, I must admit, has kind of fallen to the wayside.  But we must forge ahead . . .


68.  Went to soccer wind-up.  The parents played a game against the kids.  I actually scored a GOOOOOOAL and had one assist for another.  I have been running with this small victory every moment of the week.  I think my daughter is tired of hearing the play-by-play by now.
69.  Went for our traditional, "Okay.  Daddy's left town.  We're going to A&W tonight for supper" meal.
70.  Played Kirby's Spring Break with my daughter.  I had absolutely no idea what was going on.  I just pressed a bunch of buttons on her Nintendo DS.
71.  I talked to a long-distance friend on the phone.  It is always so nice to hear her voice.
72.  We finally got the pool set up.  I think we were able to patch all the leaks . . . fingers crossed.
73.  Unfortunately there are still a couple of small leaks in the pool.  They are somewhere along the seams . . . need to do more patching!
74.  I finally organized my mini-bookshelf (i.e. my bedside table).  Now, instead of 20 books perched rather precariously, I now only have nine!
75.  I cleared a couple items off my list for A.P.D. two days before Friday -- I'd say that's progress.
76.  I actually planned a menu and wrote out a grocery list for the coming weekend -- a birthday party and company for a few days.
77.  I went shopping in the city by myself.
78.  I actually stuck to my shopping list and didn't buy anything that wasn't on it.
79.  I ate a hot dog from a street vendor.
80.  Helped hubby finish the patio area.  We've set up chairs, topiary trees, and a fire pit.
81.  I helped plan my daughter's birthday party.
82.  I bought one dozen pink roses for my girl (her favourite colour) in honour of her 11th birthday (one for each of her eleven years and one for the year to come).
83.  Wrote a love letter to my daughter in celebration of her birthday.
84.  Welcomed her tearful hug after she read her love letter.
85.  Made my daughter a special birthday dinner, had cake, and she opened her presents from hubby and me.
86.  Made daughter's cake for birthday party tomorrow.
87.  Eight VERY hyper girls . . . two parents . . . one very good reason to drink!
88.  I donned gear of mosquito repellent and fly swatters.  I'm still waiting for God's response on why He felt mosquitos would add a little something great to His amazing creation.
89.  I suffered a weeee bit of a meltdown . . . thank you Lord for my husband, the voice of reason!
90.  Welcomed friends for a glorious three-day visit.
91.  Had church service outside at the park followed by a lovely BBQ potluck lunch, games, bouncers for the kids.
92.  Took part in a three-legged race with hubby -- I think I may need knee surgery (he's rather competitive!)

Thanks for checking in everyone.  That is all I have for this week.  Have a wonderful week -- hope the weather is wonderful wherever you are.  {{{hugs}}} 

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  1. Hey Aunty Becky... (It's Chloe!) I feel the pain with the mosquitoes. I have over ninety little bubbles of aggravating torture speckled across my body. :) I love reading your blog, it feels like I'm keeping in touch with you! (Though it's kinda stalker-ish one sided keeping in touch) Anyways, Love youuuu!