Monday, June 21, 2010

1,001 Things I Did This Summer -- Part 2

Hi-dee Ho,

It’s time for my weekly list of 1,001 Things I Did This Summer.  Although I didn’t reach this week’s quota of 83.41 things, I did much better than last week.  Are you ready for this?

26. Cheered on my daughter’s soccer team on Monday. . . they lost 0-8.
27. Cheered on my daughter’s soccer team on Tuesday.  They played like a completely different team – they worked together and encouraged one another.  They only lost by 1 point.  That is huge progress for them.
28. Went on a tour of an old historical homestead – it was absolutely amazing!  I love learning about how the pioneers survived such harsh conditions.  We have become so lazy and reliant on everyone else to do everything for us.  Back then, if you didn’t do the work, it did not get done – which was never an option. Hmmm . . . lessons learned.
29. Got some amazing images while touring the homestead – I was able to make a beautiful group shot with my co-workers (all 22 of them!).
30. Had a great visit with a friend until he called me "PUNK!".
31. Bought surprise presents for my hubby and daughter – just ‘cause I like them so much.
32. Had a golfing date with hubby.
33. After my two-hour golfing date with my hubby, we came home and worked on our yard renovations.
34. Note: I am literally unable to move after completing #33.  Unfortunately, we have another two or three hours of work to complete before the rain showers come.
35. Played fetch with my dog, Sam.  Actually, it’s usually more like I throw the ball and we proceed to run around the yard in circles as I try to retrieve the ball from him.
36. I showed my daughter how to assemble her new clarinet.  She is starting band in the fall.  I am sooooo excited (I was a major band geek in high school).
37. I proved I could still actually play the clarinet after more than a 20-year hiatus.
38. Made an angel food cake for dessert.
39. Left home after the buzzer went off for the cake.  I didn’t realize I forgot to actually take the cake out of the oven (which was still on) before leaving for the library.
40. After about 20 mins at the library, I realized the cake was still in the oven.  I rushed home (thankfully we live in a town that has no traffic lights) to save my “lightly charred” cake.  Edit note: the cake was just fine – the outside was a bit of a challenge to break through easily with the fork, but then it just meant I burned extra calories while trying to consume it.  So really, I didn’t consume any calories . . . unless you count the 1/4 cup of whipped cream on top . . . but let’s not focus on the negative.
41. I watched a couple YouTube videos on drawing Manga characters – my daughter wants to learn how so we watched them before school.
42. I finally picked a few dead leaves off the plant in the living room instead of sitting on the couch thinking, “I really should pick those dead leaves off the plant.”
43. Hubby and I went to visit one of our parish’s shut-ins.
44. Went to the city and bought a couple books that were on sale.
45. I started reading “The Translator: A Tribesman’s Memoir of Darfur” by Daoud Hari – an amazing story of survival.  I really appreciate living in a country where I am not afraid to wake up without wondering if today I, or my family, will be killed by rebel troops.
46. Worked on my sketchbook.
47. Bought a couple gifts for my daughter’s upcoming birthday.
48. I laughed as my daughter showed me her latest idea for a competition they should put on “Survivor”.  It involves lying on a couch and balancing a pillow on your feet above you as you lay on your back.  I told her she should keep working on it.
49. Learned about the song “O Fortuna”.  Listen to it here.
50. Developed an even stronger appreciation for Measha Brueggergosman – she never ceases to amaze me.  What a gift!
51. Went out for dinner with friends and family.  We laughed and enjoyed good food – what more could you ask for?
52. Declared every Friday to be Anti-Procrastination Day for myself.
53. Had an impromptu dinner and movie date with my husband.
54. Had lunch with a photographer whose work has been published in Chatelaine magazine and who has filmed documentaries for the National Film Board of Canada.  He has swam with whales and traveled around the world.  Sounds like my kind of job!
55. Renos in our back yard are progressing.  Today we had helpers which was a good thing or we’d still be outside until midnight.
56. Celebrated Father’s Day and our 18 ½ year anniversary of marriage.  My hubby is an amazing husband and father!
57. I practiced organ at the church for an hour and a half.  Folks, there is nothing more sinfully delicious than playing “Thy Strong Word” after pulling out all the stops . . . it gives me goose-bumps every time.
58. Watched with joy as hubby played with his Father’s Day gift.  Can you believe I gave him an iPad???  It really is more than a glorified clipboard – who knew?
59. Stayed for coffee and muffins after church and visited with a couple ladies I don’t see too often.
60. Happy Father’s Day to my dad, my father-in-law, and my hubby – they are all amazing men whom I love dearly.
61. I actually washed pots and pans after preparing lunch.  Usually I wait a day or two (or three . . . what?  Like you’ve never done that?) hoping someone else will do them first.
62. Called my dad to wish him a happy Father’s Day.
63. I did a photography portrait session for my next-door neighbours – there were 17 people in total.  It went well despite the mosquitos.
64. Started post-processing work on the family portraits.
65. Began reading Sherlock Holmes on hubby’s new iPad.
66. Watched “The Book of Eli” with my husband.  Beautiful tones and colour choices for the movie.  I can’t wait to watch it again.  Plus Denzel’s smile always lights up the screen.
67. Questioned God’s reasoning on why he created mosquitos . . . I’m still waiting for his e-mail reply so I can forward it to all my friends.

Okay people – that’s my list for this week.  Hope you enjoy checking all the links . . . this one was my favourite things to watch online this week.

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