Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Experiment

Reflections, originally uploaded by Knit Girl...(in & out).

So a few weeks ago, my beloved husband approached me with the idea of dropping our satellite subscription for the summer.  After talking it over we decided we would go ahead with this seemingly insane idea.  We called our daughter into the kitchen to tell her our plans.

“But, we’re gonna get it back, right?” my daughter exclaimed in horror.

We assured her it would be just for the summer.  It would be a great thing to bring us together as a family and to do things we wouldn’t normally have time for.  After glaring at us for quite sometime, as though we had asked her to amputate her right arm, she grumbled at us and said, “Fine. But just for the summer,” as if she were calling the shots.  Like that would ever happen.

So last week, my husband went online to cut off our satellite service for the summer months.  It was now official:  we would have no TV from Saturday, June 5, 2010 until Monday, September 6, 2010 (this is where I sheepishly acknowledge I have the date marked on my calendar).

We went away for the weekend to attend a family wedding.  When we returned my daughter, out of sheer habit, turned on the television to find the following message:  “ATTENTION: A subscription is required to view this program.  Please contact customer service to subscribe, or select a different channel.”

“Well, now what am I supposed to do?” She looked rather perturbed.

I suggested we could play a game, do a puzzle, or read a book.  With a sigh that seemed to emerge from her toes, she turned and went down the hall to her room.  “Well, this should be a fun summer!” she yelled back at me.

After a few days now, we seem to have settled in okay.  My husband has been away for a few days, so my daughter and I have enjoyed a lot of time together that would otherwise be dedicated to Hannah Montana or the Wizards of Waverley Place.  Last night we even played a game, nay, two games before she headed to bed.

This morning I was reflecting on how I will effectively use my free time during the summer.   I have decided to come up with a list of “1,001 Things I Did This Summer”.  I wanted to share this list with you at the end of summer, but I decided I will post the things I did during the week.  I’m hoping it will give you ideas on how to spend your summer and it will be a way for me to realize how much I can accomplish when I’m not sitting in front of the TV.  The list will be posted on Mondays every week until our satellite service resumes in the fall.  Who knows, maybe we won’t subscribe again.  I don’t know.  The possibilities are endless.  Stay tuned . . . .


  1. Knit are a brave soul. I don't know if our house could handle it. I know that I would definitely get more accomplished if we followed suit. I love your Blog and will be following you. I hope you will come by Heathers Meadow (my Blog) and have a look around. I am brand new to Blogging and would love some feedback as it will be an evolving thing. So glad I found you.

  2. Heather, you are too sweet. Thanks for following me. I really enjoy blogging and I am so thankful for your visit and your comment. I'll be checking your blog out as well :D

  3. Really!!! No Big Brother all summer!!! You will have to call me for weekly updates. Keep a close eye on hubby, he may start out strong, just kidding. good for you. I'll watch for updates. Big D