Tuesday, August 17, 2010


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I am not sure where the breakdown occurred. I'm not even sure how to pick the pieces up. I have dropped the blogging ball on my 1,001 Things I Did This Summer. Life has gotten so busy since I have began working F/T that I am still trying to keep my head above the water.

I am still here my lovely readers. I have just been a bit distant lately, even though you are always on my mind. I suppose I feel I have let you down. I see you check-in only to find nothing new has been written. I love writing on my little insignificant blog and, for some reason, many of you keep returning (to which I am eternally grateful!!!).

I try to imagine you as old friends who are checking in to see how I've been lately. Isn't it wonderful when you have friends who are in the exact same boat you are? Life seems to become so complicated with work, friends, keeping up on the housework (although I am currently surrounded by tufts of dog hair drifting around the hardwood flooring), extra curricular activities for you and the kids, church, getting your hair done...you name it. When did life become so unnecessarily complicated? You come home at the end of the day and your body indicates you are too stressed out. Your neck and back muscles cramp up so much that you physically have to turn your whole upper body to see who is talking to you. You can't seem to take deep cleansing breaths. You have become irritable with the whole world. And to top things off, some animal has gotten into your garbage and has pulled it from one end of the alley to the other. But a true friend understands because she is going through the exact same thing.

I look for simplicity in my life and, right now, I am really not seeing it too clearly. I have seemed to come to a crossroads in my life. I can keep heading straight which may continue to lead to stress and unnecessary busyness. I don't want to go back from where I came -- that's a whole train wreck that needs to be walked away from.

So I can go right or left. Either way, I don't know what I will find. That can be scary for a lot of people. For others, the unknown is embraced and relishing the thoughts of new experiences can be a real rush.

I am sitting with the engine idling wondering whether to signal left or right...

What would you do if you were me?

"I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be." ~ Douglas Adams


  1. Drop it into drive and floor it baby.... and pick me up along the way.
    I've seen Thelma and Louise....I know how this ride ends. Love ya and looking forward to some laughs this weekend. D.

  2. You sound like you are looking into my life. I was a stay at home mom for 12 years and this February I recently went back to work (part time). It has been a huge adjustment for me. I feel like there is no time for me to create, or think about any of the things I want just for me. I am finding that I need to MAKE time for me. To schedule it into my calendar. A movie, a cup of tea, a book, a bubble bath. Even if it is only for a half hour you will recharge and be ready to go again. I admit I am one of your readers who has dropped in to see what is new on your list of 1001 things, but don't worry. By sharing your story, you are more real than the superwoman I had envisioned in my mind. Thank God! Believe me many will relate to your story and you have definitely made me feel more normal. : ) Smile...Breath...Enjoy the little things.

  3. Heather -- thanks so much for the encouragement! It is always great to have those little reminders. I need to sit down one day and make a list of everything I would like to accomplish and then pick times to slot everything into. Now, I just need to find a moment to do that . . . Thanks for checking in on me :D