Tuesday, August 3, 2010

1,001 Things I Did This Summer -- Part 8

Hi folks,

Sorry I am a day late on this.  Yesterday was a holiday Monday here in Canada so we took advantage of the time off.  Also, you will note the list this week is not very long.  I worked full-time plus an extra seven hours so any free time was spent either sleeping, reading, or knitting.

I have been following Weight Watchers and had a great week.  I lost weight and increased activity -- gotta love that!

Okay...here we go...

182.  Watched Avatar.  I actually had to lay my knitting down to watch the movie which is what I was not expecting.  I had hoped to get at least half of the next repeat section completed while "watching" the movie.  It turned out to be an excellent movie -- looked fantastic on the big screen TV.   Very imaginative.
183.  Watched the Austin Powers trilogy (again).  I absolutely love Mike Myers...and he's Canadian to boot!
184.  Our town had a weekend-long festival.  We took in many events including the throne races (racing with a toilet, or "throne", mounted on a platform with bicycle wheels and two racers), beer gardens (although the only beer I drink is root beer), music, a parade, fireworks (but I didn't bring my camera), pet show (our dog Sam didn't win...but we'll keep him anyway), and a demolition derby (which technically I didn't attend -- hubby and daughter did -- but I definitely could hear it).
185.  Monday was a holiday here in Canada -- we went shopping.
186.  Started reading (second time) Kate Jacobs' The Friday Night Knitting Club.  I love this book...love it, love it, love it.
187.  Bought a fan -- it's stinkin' hot in our house.
188.  Started training for a 5K run (I have always wanted to run a marathon...this will be a great place to start).

Alright, ladies and gentlemen.  That's all she wrote -- hoping this coming week will be a bit more exciting.  Hard when you work full-time...didn't realize just how much free-time I had on my hands before my work hours changed.  Have a great week!

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