Monday, March 1, 2010

Extraordinary Ordinary Every Day Things

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The other night I was feeling rather uninspired.  Not knowing what to do, I logged on to one of my Flickr contacts and immersed myself in wave after wave of extraordinary images.  Steven has the ability of taking everyday ordinary things and truly causes you to look at them in a new and beautiful light.  I came across his image, Tasteful,  and I knew I could work with his idea.  This is what I came up with.

It truly is amazing when you take an every day item, like a fork, and try to see it differently.  After awhile  you look and  truly see the world in a whole new realm of beauty.  Soon you see shadow and light and the images they make when they dance together -- the results can absolutely breathtaking!

Sometimes, a fork is just a fork.  But there are times when you see it so differently, you realize you have been given a special gift that is just for your eyes . . . in just that precise moment.  It is those moments I hope to capture every day so I can look back and realize that I've seen something extraordinary in an ordinary every day world.

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